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Training, Consultation, and Education

Dr. Anna Salter 

Expert on grooming/predators

Dr. Jennifer Freyd

Founder of Center for Institutional Courage

Jennifer Joy Freyd, PhD. (

Dr. Michael A. Salter

Expert on child sexual exploitation, gender-based violence, complex trauma

Organised Abuse


More than 300 million child victims of online sexual abuse globally: report (

Philip Monroe

Psychologist, Co-founder of Global Trauma Recovery Institute

Musings on Faith and Psychology | Thoughts on life and the world around me (

Lori Anne Thompson

Clergy abuse resources

Dr. David Pooler

Expert on clergy exploitation of adults

Adult Clergy Sexual Abuse Advocacy & Research Collaborative | Diana R. Garland School of Social Work | Baylor University

Dr. Arielle Schwartz

Center for Resilience Informed Therapy

Welcome | Dr. Arielle Schwartz (



Resources for Professional Exploitation- therapist, clergy, etc.

Clergy Sexual Misconduct - Information and Resources - Help for Clergy Abuse Victims, Information Service, Church Resources for Abuse

Not The Other Woman | Adult Clergy Sexual Abuse

The Second Wound

Coping with family while dealing with abuse or assault


Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (

SNAP is a wealth of information about clergy-perpetrated abuse, including resources for those abused as adults. SNAP has a survivor support group for Orthodox Christians that meets monthly.

The Hope of Survivors!

HelpHer (

About The Bristlecone Project - Sexual Abuse & Assault of Boys & Men | Confidential Support for Men (

Awake (

Monthly webinars, education and survivor groups. Catholic

Reclamation Collective

Help for those navigating religious trauma, spiritual abuse, and adverse religious experiences

Religious Trauma Institute

Resources, training and community

Survivors Agenda

A Collective of organizations addressing the needs of survivors

RAINN | The nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization

Together We Heal (

Grief, addressing grief in all forms and loss of community

Into Account

Justice, accountability and recovery in Christian contexts


Godly response to abuse in the Christian environment


The Abuse of Power in the Church with Diane Langberg and Phil Monroe (

The Grooming Process: Sex with a pastor is never an affair. (

Dr Rocio Figueroa Alvear - Overcoming Silence - Women's Voices in the Catholic Abuse Crisis - YouTube


Holy/Hurt Podcast (

Hosted by Hilary McBride, addresses clergy abuse

Safe to Hope Podcast Transcripts Season One (

The Allender Center Podcast

Addressing spiritual abuse, sexual abuse

Podcast - Adam Young Counseling

Sexual abuse, spiritual abuse, engaging one's own story

Tears of Eden: Supporting survivors of Spiritual Abuse and Religious Trauma

Protestant perspective


For survivors of sexual abuse- also offers support groups

Episode Archive | The Roys Report (

Episodes on clergy-perpetrated abuse

Of note:

Recovery & Empowerment: A Path Forward | The Roys Report (

Restore Day 2: 'Borrow Hope' From Others Until Your Own Hope Restored (

Dr. Diane Langberg: Understanding Adult Clergy Abuse | The Roys Report (

Affair or Abuse? The Church's Hurtful Response | The Roys Report (

Adult Abuse Survivors Are Often Treated As ‘Sinners,’ Threats to Church (

Opinion: How I Came to Believe my “Affair” was Abuse (

Is Misty Edwards A Victim? | The Roys Report (

Truth & Consequences - The Second Wound

Home - Rachel on Recovery

Sexual abuse, trauma recovery


Blogs by Orthodox clergy and faithful

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